Nicole Navarro Velesiotis

Nicole Navarro Velesiotis


President, Oveana

A. Mission Statement

The Minority Business Entrepreneur Committee is committed to being an agent of change. The committee assists SMSDC in recruiting and retaining minority business entrepreneurs and helps inform MBEs on how to do business with corporate America.

The committee formulates and conducts innovative workshops for MBEs to learn the necessary business disciplines in creating expansion and growth opportunities through forging strategic alliances, joint venturing, and market positioning within existing business models.

B. Objectives

The committee is primarily responsible for RECRUITMENT, RETENTION, and EXPANSION of the MBE community. In keeping with these objectives, the committee:

•    Promotes MBE-to-MBE spend
•    Is an agent of change
•    Recruits new MBEs to be certified, participate in and support SMSDC and MBEIC activities
•    Supports SMSDC staff and council activities
•    Identifies the needs of the minority business community and recommends specific solutions to the board through MBEIC representatives

•    Reports to the council chairperson on progress made by the committee

C. Committee

If you are interested in participating in the MBEI Committee, please send letter of interest to Mayra Pena at or call via phone at 915.433.0612.

You must be a certified MBE to participate in this committee.