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Quick Response Team

Customer service is our top priority.

Our ‘SMSDC QUICK RESPONSE TEAM’ provides you with a list of certified suppliers swiftly. We connect corporate purchasing agents and key personnel in other departments with qualified minority-owned enterprises (MBEs) to accelerate the bid process for both small and large request-for-proposals (RFPs). Corporations benefit from SMSDC’s relationship with its MBEs and our in-depth knowledge of each of their qualifications to match the specific bid requirements.

We reach beyond the boundaries of Texas and connect corporations with MBEs doing business along the entire border of Texas and Mexico. We connect you with US-based MBEs and facilitate corporate operations in Mexico.

SMSDC Corporate Members!
Need an MBE to do a specific project?
Need a list of MBEs you can contact for a corporate need?
Want us to contact a list of MBEs for you?
The ‘SMSDC QUICK RESPONSE TEAM’ will go to work for you and respond to your needs within hours! 

Click here to email the ‘SMSDC QUICK RESPONSE TEAM’ or complete the form below:


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